PRESS RELEASE - Kiev, Ukraine, 20:00 hrs. 21/5/05
Issued by Anya Sheckley

My father is honored, both as a writer and as a man, by the affection and generosity shown him by the people of the Ukraine and Russia.
We launched an appeal to raise money to help my father with his medical bills here in Kiev and with his medical evacuation home to the United States of America. The response has been immediate and overwhelming and we now have sufficient funds in hand and in assurances to meet these costs. Some of the smallest contributions were the most moving. The largest contributor wished to remain anonymous. I know whom he is and I am amazed by the extent of his help.
In issuing this press release I am aware of the inadequacy of my gratitude. I knew little of the Ukraine prior to flying to my father's bedside. Over the past anxious and often painful days, I have learnt of your warmth and extraordinary kindness and will return to the United States with the fondest of memories that will remain with me always. Thank you….

My father's condition remains serious. However his lungs are now clear of infection and he is slowly regaining strength. The medical consultants believe that he will be fit to fly home this coming week. He will be on a ventilator and will be accompanied by two of the doctors who have cared for him so well at the hospital in Kiev.

On his return to the US, my father will require immediate hospitalization followed by a lengthy convalescence. Medicare pays only for the minimal standard of treatment. Any contributions sent to the US will therefore benefit my father's progress and rehabilitation. However, I speak for my father as well as for myself in asking that only those who can truly afford to help should do so. Information on how to send money will be available on Robert Sheckley's website at Also, a friend of Michael Moorcock's, Berry Sizemore has offered information and assistance through the following website: , otherwise checks can be sent direct to my father at his home address: Robert Sheckley, P.O. Box 656 Pine Plains, NY 12567 USA.

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