"Robert Sheckley is one of the great funny writers."
-Douglas Adams

The Man in the Water 1961 This is a book about high adventure; the drama of life and death played out between two men struggling for possession of a small boat alone on the wasteland of the Sargasso Sea. And this is also a book about you, and all of us, trying to fulfill ourselves without paying too high a price; finding out that the price must be paid. And learning it was worth it.
Not since Ernest Hemingway's THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA has there been a book like this.

Calibre .50 1961Beginning a great new series of international crime novels. Meet Stephen Dain, a new kind of detective. Meet Stephen Dain!-Unique, ruthless,infallible-his assignments: anything too hot for regular U.S. agents to handle!

Meet Stephen Dain-the world is his beat!
Like a hurricane on the horizon, trouble hung over the Caribbean. The word from the State Department was, "Call Stephen Dain!"

Dead Run 1961The intelligence services of the entire western world were baffled, helpless. The word went out: "Call Stephen Dain!"

In the broad daylight, in the middle of a London street, a little man nobody knew snatched a steel-lined briefcase from the hands of armed secret agents. The briefcase hid the fate of nations. Stephen Dain had to get it before the enemy did. He had one clue-a beautiful, clever, dangerous girl !!!!!

White Death 1963Stephen Dain on assignment again! The international detective who moves in when the law gives up vs. the world's dirtiest business!

D stands for Death, Danger and Dain! World-famous, international detective he tackles his toughest assignment in the ferocious mountains and deadly deserts of Iran, where heroin for the export trade is manufactured. WHITE DEATH is the fourth in Robert Sheckley's brilliant series about Stephen Dain, the professional risk-taker who works outside the government, law and order.

Time Limit 1967Too many men had already been brutally murdered-some were still dying agonizing deaths-and hundreds more could expect to be killed.

The only hope for halting the senseless slaughter was Stephen Dain, International Detective... One man against a three-nation conspiracy and every Arab killer within a thousand miles!

The Game of X 1965Say "gesundheit" to the spy who came in from the cold and get set for the intrigue novel to end all...
"Combines ironic wit with suspense to remarkable effect."
-John Le Carre

Here is a spy-tangled novel of undercover mis-adventure that goes from Paris to Venice by ways of intrigue that 007 never dreamed of-with semi-professional killers, submissive subversives and a swinging Mata Hari from Hunter College. This is upmanship espionage at its funniest-and all in

Futuropolis 1979FUTUROPOLIS is a memorable illustration-packed journey to the extraordinary cities of the future as envisaged by some of the most notable artists, writers, philosophers, architects and film makers, past and present, ever assembled in one volume. Here are the fantastic visions of Piero della Francesca and Buckminster Fuller , of Plato, George Orwell and Isaac Asimov, of Fritz Lang, of Breughel and Druillet, and many more. Impossible cities? Nothing but science fiction and fantasy? Many of these astounding "visions" already exist.

Minotaur Maze 1990 "The paramount quality of Sheckley's writing is the purity of his language. His richly charged clarity arises, I would say, from the excellent moral qualities which Sheckley as a writer exemplifies-he is a man in love with writing and with the simple sweetness of life."
from the introduction by Rudy Rucker

Xolotl 1991

What would you do if your brother, the God of Destruction, tricked you back into a human body and sent you to hell? Xolotl finds himself in New Hell, the wonderful world of eternal damnation. He wants to escape but has only the aid of the dense prophetess Cassandra, who talks too much, They become two prophets who don't know where they're going, sharing one horse on their way to save the cosmos.

The Alternative Detective 1993In the ALTERNATIVE DETECTIVE Sheckley once again creates a mystery with a comic heart. Hob Draconian, the Alternative Detective, is, in the tradition of Roger L. Simon's THE BIG FIX, an aging ex-hippie turned private investigator.

As the Oxford Times said of Sheckley's work, "one of his strongest qualities is the ability to create a sense of menace." This is certainly true in this first foray into the extraordinary world of Hob Draconian, the Alternative Detective.

Draconian New York 1996The second adventure of soft-boiled detective Hob Draconian
Hob Draconian started the Alternative Detective Agency in order to avoid working regular hours. It's a career move typical of Hob: He first moved to the Mediterranean resort island of Ibiza as a hippie during the Summer of Love, and has spent most of the last three decades hanging out there, taking life easy. But Hob's idyllic life is interrupted when a gambling consortium tries to buy the land he rents so that it can build a casino. If he doesn't come up with $10,000 quickly, he'll lose his house.

Soma Blues 1997A powerful new narcotic, soma, appears on the streets of Paris, in the dead hands of a small-time drug dealer from Ibiza. The French police want to discover his supplier before the distribution of soma gets out of control, and they think Hob Draconian is just the man for the job. Hob is living in Paris, and business for the Alternative Detective Agency is not exactly booming. Holding his investigator's license hostage, the police send Hob back to Ibiza to search for the dealer's killer.


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